Our next level rewilding community.

Get to know the new generation of land stewards.

Empowering people.

Stronger together.

We are a place where people group up, to take matters into their own hands. Empowering online and offline communities to take their role as landstewards in the fight against the climate crisis.

Eight young people standing towards the camera, facing it.
White horses in the wild - one directly facing the camera.

Access to land for everyone.

democratising landuse.

Few people own a lot of land. This is a problem. With rising property prices especially younger people have ever slimmer chances of owning a piece of land and taking care of it. This is a problem. Also for rewilding. With our WildTokens we give access to everyone to become a landsteward. Our WildTokens grant you access to the land, voting powers on what happens on it and much more.

Communal asset management

Building a community - online and offline

Elenor Ostrom won a nobel prize in economics for her work on the commons. She identified that communal asset management is the most fair and sustainable way of taking care of common goods. We offer the unique opportunity to take part in a community all the way from online to onsite!
Community gives confidence, fun an meaning.

A young woman on a laptop, a young man sitting next to her, both facing the laptop's screen.
A group of young people walking towards the camera in a dark, moody field and a clouded sky.

be one with nature

Wild events & Camping.

Although it’s great, to meet and discuss online, there’s nothing quite like coming together for a fresh drink in a beautiful landscape with a bunch of likeminded people. It’s therefore a priority to us, to organise and inspire community events like festivals, wildlife expeditions and whatever else you can think of.

Get your hands dirty


Last but not least, Sylvester is already only possible through our existing community and strives to make it as entertaining and satisfying as possible to join the crew and get shit done. So if you feel like getting your hands dirty, please join our volunteer crew – from home or on the land. There’s plenty of work to be done… ecosystems to be rebuilt, wilderness to be established.

Four young people standing in the sun, smiling into the camera and holding a branch of wood.
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