Rewilding europe together.
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We are creating diverse wilderness on abandoned land to fight the climate crisis. Become part of a thriving community that collectively owns, governs and finances wildlife sanctuaries and rewilding projects in Europe!

Purchase. participate. Rewild.

Get to know How sylvester works.

Sylvester Rewilding is on its way to become the largest network of collectively owned, governed and financed wildlife sanctuaries and rewilding projects in Europe! Involving you to make Europe a wilder place, full of thriving nature.

↓ wildtoken logic, made easy for you

A bird-view photograph of green trees, in a black frame with the headline "100 m2 WildToken."


Rewild, from home.

WildTokens are your ticket to join the #RewildingRevolution. They’re a digital representation of a specific plot of land which is managed and rewilded by you, us and our community. They also work as an access card to our digital governance platforms.

To best understand all the powers a WildToken has, we’ve come up with the GRIP concept:

Gratification, Representation, Information, Participation

Large scale ecosystem Restoration

humankind's Biggest Chance and greatest opportunity.

We don’t like the whole dramatic narrative, but at the current scale of ecosystem destruction, it’s looking pretty grim for our species. However, the other side of this coin offers a crazy opportunity!

If we manage to rebuild healthy ecosystems on a big scale, we have a pretty good chance of turning this whole climate and biodiversity disaster around and actually build a world which is more sustainable, more diverse, more just, resilient and wild!

All we need to do is pick up our shovels, phones or whatever we can pick up to rewild our lands!

We’ll start in Portugal, where we’ll rewild our pilot plot of land, guided by the 4 returns framework.

A hilly, green landscape with shrubs and some trees.

Get to know Sylvester

our purpose DRIVEN dream-Team.

Four young people standing in the sun, smiling into the camera and holding a branch of wood.

We believe in democracy

The next level rewilding community.

A new generation of land stewards.

Who said rebuilding ecosystems needs to be lame?

With the #RewildingRevolution we are creating a movement that will be worth your while.

As it turns out, rewilding actually works best, when enjoyed in great company with some food, drinks and maybe even a little party.

As an owner of a WildToken you become part of a unique community of land stewards. You’ll get the chance to jointly discuss and manage your plots in an easy and democratic way, aswell as to exclusive events and access to the plots.

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