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Nature’s Mysteries Unveiled: Must-Have Apps for Rewilding Enthusiasts

Phones often get blamed for disconnecting us from nature and the world around us, but they can also be powerful tools to rewild our life and reconnect us with the natural world. And here is how!

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With our phones at our fingertips, we can now unravel the mysteries of the natural world, from identifying animal tracks, plant and animal species to recognizing bird songs. Moreover, the nature sightseeing treasures collected with these apps can contribute valuable information to scientific studies, rewilding and conservation efforts. We have compiled a list of our favourite nature monitoring apps that we use at Sylvester Rewilding to track nature developments in our day-to-day lives.

iNaturalist is an excellent all-around app for tracking your nature observations. You can easily record your observations, share them, and engage in discussions with the community. The app is also equipped with identification software that provides suggestions on the species you might be seeing. Additionally, you can participate in scientific projects by collecting data or even create your own.

MerlinBird ID can be considered the Shazam for birds, an essential nature app to have on your phone. To identify a bird by its song, simply activate the app and keep listening. The app will provide real-time suggestions on possible bird species. Moreover, the app offers identification through the bird ID wizard, where you answer three questions, and it suggests potential bird species. Alternatively, take a picture of the bird you want to identify, and the app will provide a list of possible options.

Seek, an app created by iNaturalist, is particularly suitable for kids to identify and categorise different plants, animals, and fungi. Simply take a picture, and the app’s AI will identify the species and provide key facts. Additionally, the app suggests common species in your area to look out for and offers themed challenges throughout the year.

PlantNet is an app that identifies plants using pictures. It’s organised into various thematic and geographic sections that correspond to your region. Available themes range from useful plants and invasives to world flora, which covers a wide range of species but with slightly less accuracy in identification. You can also join or create topic-specific groups.

SeeagrassSpotter is a fun tool for all the aquaphiles among us, to track the underwater world and contribute to science. In the app, you can view sightings of seagrass or the absence of it. Your entries help scientists better understand seagrass distribution and related issues.

Let these apps be your guides in a journey towards discovery, connection, and rewilding, helping you to be more informed about the environment around you. Let us know if you tried out any of the apps and we are looking forward to hearing about your wild discoveries.

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