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Environmental News of the Month: January 2024

The EU battles greenwashing, a mole re-appears after over 80 years of "extinction" and repair and second hand are on the rise - find out all the details here!

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 This year, we want to continue to spread positive climate news. Reading the news and learning about all that goes wrong in the world can be such a paralyzing experience. Thinking positively is what encourages action, so we want to share them with you to cultivate the right mindset for much needed action. These good news will not only include rewilding and nature conservation, but every step towards a more sustainable, greener future. Here are our good news of the month:

EU Parliament Adopts New Greenwashing Law for Product Labeling

The European Parliament has passed a law to tackle greenwashing in product labeling and advertising. This directive mandates clear and verifiable environmental claims, banning vague terms like “environmentally friendly,” “natural,” or “biodegradable” without proper certification. It also rejects claims of carbon neutrality solely through emissions offsetting, pushing for companies to reduce their emissions directly. Read more.

The inside of a store with multiple hats and bags on display.

Survey: Interest in Second Hand Shopping and Repairs on the Rise, But Barriers Remain

A survey spanning the UK, US, and Germany reveals a growing consumer interest in sustainable shopping, especially in second-hand fashion and electronics, driven by financial benefits. However, there’s a gap between awareness and action, with many still opting for new items due to cost, convenience, and quality worries. This trend is more pronounced among consumers under 35. Read more.

“Extinct” golden mole is spotted for the first time in over 80 years

After being unseen for over 80 years, the De Winton’s golden mole, feared extinct, has been rediscovered in the sand dunes of South Africa. Researchers used environmental DNA analysis to confirm its presence, distinguishing it from other golden mole species. The search, which has been more of a thriller, took the team years to find and prove there are at least two individuals out there. Find all the backgrounds and how to track down a species that rarely comes to daylight here.

These are our good news to start the year in a positive way! Not only will there be good news, but also other posts on rewilding, nature restoration, and a community-based approach to creating an NGO. So, stick around to stay up to date!

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