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Sylvester’s January Update

Why we put Julia on a rope into a river, Richie went to a German climate fair and more news from January!

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We know it’s hard to believe, but the first month of the year has already come to an end! We hope you all had a good and fresh start to 2024 – we at Sylvester certainly did! In this update, you’ll find out why Julia went into a river tied to a rope, what Richie was up to at the first climate fair in Düsseldorf, and how we presented Sylvester to a university course in Kiel!

Guarda Rios river monitoring

After already attending the first river monitoring event organized by Lourambi in Lourinhã, we also participated in the subsequent monitoring in January. It was really interesting to see how flora and fauna changed during the winter months and to test the water quality. That’s also when the aforementioned rope came into play – so Julia wouldn’t get lost in the Rio Grandel river. Luckily, she didn’t, so we’ll be back for the next monitoring of this epic citizen science program – and you should too by checking out Lourambi here!

A young man with a petrol shirt smiling into the camera - next to him a roll-up with the slogan "Young Wild & Tree".

Klimamesse Düsseldorf

Richie, formerly known as Mr. LinkedIn due to his networking skills, wanted to do some real-life things, so he attended the premiere of the climate fair in Düsseldorf. He set up a Sylvester exhibition stand to present our project to many interested visitors – and the feedback he received was (almost) only positive as well!

Dinner EYR

Another social highlight was a dinner held together with the Portuguese chapter of the European Young Rewilders – a network of like-minded rewilding enthusiasts! It was great to kick off the year together and already make some plans for joint activities this year – stay tuned!

CAU Changemaker Seminar

At Kiel, the changemaker seminar at the local university asked us to present Sylvester as part of their discovery journey into social and impactful projects – and of course, we were in! It was a pleasure to answer plenty of questions and to get to know a group of young people willing to have an impact! We hope to see some of them emerge with their projects in the future!

Volunteer Call

We also had our first volunteer call of the year in January. We use our monthly volunteer call to give you an in-depth introduction to Sylvester and how you can get involved. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our volunteer list and join us on our next call to see how you can get more involved with Sylvester.

New Video

In our YouTube series ‘Bits and Species,’ we’re debunking myths surrounding species from the European landscape and providing you with all the essential information you’ll need to know about them. This time, we’re delving into the captivating world of the Cork Oak, a true superhero in European rewilding. Check it out on our channel and be sure to hit the subscribe button to not miss our next species feature coming up!

Coming up in February

Mark your calendar
On February 15, we are having our next volunteer call. Make sure to join our volunteer list here to get the invitation.

Rewilding Workshop Kiel
We will host your first rewilding workshop in Kiel at the beginning of March. Preparations are in full swing, so make sure to double-check your emails in the next few days as an invitation is coming your way soon.

As we announced in January, we are working on an exciting behind-the-scenes series of Sylvester, and our first video is coming out this month. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss it.

That’s it for this month with all the updates we got! Any feedback to this month’s newsletter? Just let us know here!

Catch you next month, or see you around at some of our events! 🙂

Julius, Hedda & Lukas

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