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WildTokens are your ticket to the European rewilding movement and you can get them through us, of course. But what exactly is a Token? What can you do with it and what makes our Tokens so wild?

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WildTokens are your ticket to the European rewilding movement and you can get them through us, of course. But what exactly is a Token? What can you do with it and what makes our Tokens so wild? 

A Token is basically a symbol that stands representative for a physical entity, a quality, a feeling, value or other goods and items. Money for example is a Token – it represents a certain value that everyone has agreed on. If you have fifty Euros, everyone has an idea of how much this is worth and what you can buy for it. Money as a token is also interchangeable. It doesn’t matter if you have one two euro coin or two one euro coins, because the value is the same. This principle of exchangeability is what makes a Euro and any other currency fungible.

While some tokens are exchangeable, others are not, these tokens are then simply called non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible tokens have gained a lot of popularity over the past years with the rise of NFTs, which basically stands for non-fungible tokens. Non fungible means the token represents a specific item, value or good and can not be replaced by another one. The Mona Lisa for example can also be seen as a non-fungible token. The difference to money tokens is that it is a unique painting that has a unique value attached to it and therefore is not interchangeable. 

Our Sylvester WildToken are like the Mona Lisa, they are non-fungible. Each of the WildTokens is connected to actual land that is owned by Sylvester and gives the token holder an active role in rewilding and protecting Europe’s wild spaces. Each token has its unique digital visual appearance similar to that of a trading card (e.g. Pokemon). The card represents all important information about the specific plot it’s connected to, like location, size, projects that are being realised (or rewilding strategy) and updates on how the rewilding is going. 

On the token the plot of land is visualised by aerial images that show the corresponding part of land. The token-holders will receive regular updates that show the ecological development on the plot. 

When a token is purchased it helps financing the acquisition of land, the rewilding processes on the plot as well as funding the next plot of land to extend our rewilding areas.

But why don´t you get a paper certificate simply stating that you purchased this part of the land and thereby financed parts of the rewilding of Europe?

Well, a WildToken does not only state your symbolic ownership of a specific part of land and updates you on the rewilding progress but it also gives you the opportunity to actively take part in decisions about plot management, rewilding strategies and community actions. With the token you get access to our community platform where you can participate in decision making by pitching and realising your own ideas and getting involved in hands-on rewilding activities. To what extent you want to get involved is totally up to you. You can hold the token and simply check in every now and then to see how much wilder your plot of land got through the rewilding interventions or you can participate in shaping the rewilding strategies. 

All of this is only possible because WildTokens are saved and managed through a blockchain and organised in a Web3 environment. These new technologies offer us the unique possibility of transparent, safe and democratic online-governance of our rewilding land, easily accessible for everyone.

Isn’t it amazing to think that a single token not only allows you to track your impact in the fight against the climate crisis but also enables you to participate democratically in the project. We believe that creating such an accessible opportunity for everyone to join this fight, to join the rewilding revolution in a transparent and democratic way, is truly wild! 

If you are as excited as we are after reading this and want to get your first WildTokens right away, you’ll have to be patient just a little longer. We are working hard to get everything ready to launch towards the end of this year so that you can find your first WildToken under the christmas tree. If you don’t want to miss that, make sure to sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media 😉

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