A bumblebee is flying in front of some blue blossoms.

Environmental News of the Month: April

Citizen science in Germany, community seed banks in Brazil and a whale thought to be extinct in the North Atlantic ocean - here are our environmental news of the month!

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In this monthly update, we want to continue to spread positive climate news. Reading the news and learning about all that goes wrong in the world can be such a paralyzing experience. Thinking positively is what encourages action, so we want to share them with you to cultivate the right mindset for much needed action. This good news will not only include rewilding and nature conservation, but every step towards a more sustainable, greener future. Here are our good news of the month:

Citizen Science Project: Bumblebee-Challenge in Germany

To involve people in their scientific approach and gather as much data as possible, the German Thünen Institute for rural areas, forests, and fisheries needs everyone’s help. During their bumblebee challenge, everyone is asked to go out into nature and help identify as many bumblebees as possible. Using nothing more than the ObsIdentify app, you can assist scientists in gaining an overview of the wildlife buzzing around us. The two challenges take place now (until April 9th) and from June 20th to July 3rd – and there will even be prizes for the most bumblebees identified. So get out there and become a citizen scientist!

Bird's view of a grey whale breathing on the surface of the ocean.

Discovery of the Grey Whale in the North Atlantic

Since scientists thought it was extinct in the Atlantic Ocean for around 200 years, they were pretty surprised by the discovery of a grey whale off the coast of New England, US. While circling the area in a plane, they watched the whale for 45 minutes to take photos – otherwise, they thought no one would believe their sighting. Research technician Kate Laemmle said: “We laughed because it was so wild and exciting to see an animal that had disappeared from the Atlantic hundreds of years ago!”

A field of solar panels in the sun.

Germany on its way to meet climate targets 2030

The German government surprised the public with the recent numbers published. Currently, it seems the German climate target will be met – a net emission reduction of 55% from 1990. So far, 46.1% have already been achieved, with the help of renewable energies booming in recent years. To be fair, the reduction also comes at least partially from a weak phase of the German economy, growing less than expected. But still, it shows what can be possible when serious efforts are undertaken!

Green rainforest with abundance of plants and trees.

Seed banks help to restore the Amazon rainforest

The green lung of the earth is heavily stressed by deforestation, soy plantations, and the extraction of precious tropical wood. But with recent efforts to restore the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, community seed banks could become a real help. Local communities keep seeds of native and well-adapted plants to restore biodiversity and plant them to help the rainforest recover. Not only do they aid biodiversity, but they also preserve local culture and rituals. Seed exchange events help to spread native plants all over the rainforest.

These are our good news of the month! If you want more, dont worry: here’s last month’s edition! 🙂

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