Environmental News of the Month: May

A young woman stands in a forest holding a piece of cork into the camera.

A regenerative superpower against marine oil spills, Nature becomes a musician on Spotify and how volunteers improved water quality by planting one million mosses!

Bumblebees and why they’re vital to our survival

bumblebee in a yellow flower with grassy background

Save the bumblebees! Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t it be ‘save the bees’? Well, bumblebees are even more important than bees when it comes to pollination, ecosystem health, and the stability of our food system. Find out why.

Environmental News of the Month: April

A bumblebee is flying in front of some blue blossoms.

Citizen science in Germany, community seed banks in Brazil and a whale thought to be extinct in the North Atlantic ocean – here are our environmental news of the month!

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