How Sylvester’s WildToken Initiative Empowers Youth to Restore Nature

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For young people and communities, getting into rewilding can often be difficult due to financial hurdles in acquiring land. Challenged by this, Sylvester Rewilding created a way to empower young people and communities to collectively finance, own, govern, and rewild abandoned land areas in Europe. Read about the journey bringing together Sylvester Rewilding and how it creates a new and revolutionary way to scale up rewilding.

Bumblebees and why they’re vital to our survival

bumblebee in a yellow flower with grassy background

Save the bumblebees! Sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t it be ‘save the bees’? Well, bumblebees are even more important than bees when it comes to pollination, ecosystem health, and the stability of our food system. Find out why.

Environmental News of the Month: April

A bumblebee is flying in front of some blue blossoms.

Citizen science in Germany, community seed banks in Brazil and a whale thought to be extinct in the North Atlantic ocean – here are our environmental news of the month!

Rewilding Book Recommendations

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For “World Rewilding Day”- Week We asked our team what are their favourite rewilding books.
Here are the Sylvester Team top four recommendations.

Top 5 Rewilding Documentaries

Roles of film.

Explore the world of rewilding with our top 5 documentaries. Witness stunning landscapes and heartwarming narratives that illuminate the vital work of restoring nature’s balance. Explore these must-watch documentaries and embark on a journey of conservation, preservation, and reconnection with nature.

Bits&Species European Bison

Meet the ecosystem architect: European Bison, also known as Wisent. Once nearly hunted to extinction, these giant grazers are now celebrating a stunning comeback in Europe, thanks in large part to rewilding efforts. These majestic creatures once played a vital role in shaping Europe’s landscape, and now they’re reclaiming their place through rewilding.

Nature’s Answer to Flooding Chaos

A panoramic view over a wide river flowing through a valley with a small island in the middle of it.

How rewilding can tackle our increasing struggle with flooding. An overview of the roots of our problem with floods and the rewilding techniques that help to solve them.

CORK OAKS: meet the rewilding super hero from the Iberian Peninsula

A young woman in a black jacket looking directly into the camera speaking. Next to her a drawing of a tree with the words "Popular & Important".

In our series, ‘Bits and Species,’ we are debunking the myths surrounding species from the European landscape and providing you with all the essential information. This time, we are delving into the captivating world of the Cork Oak, a true superhero in European rewilding.

Exploring Nature Protected Areas: A Comprehensive Guide

A panoramic shot of a landscape with a drawing and the headline "Nature Protected Areas. A Comprehensive Guide".

This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the diverse landscape of nature protected areas. It gives a short overview of different nature protected area types in Portugal, and tries to fit rewilding into the scheme of nature protected areas.

All you need to know about the ‘Nature Restoration Law’

A young woman in the sunshine holding a dry branch - above her the headline "EU Nature Restoration Law. All you need to know!".

In the past month, we have been sharing updates and calls to action surrounding the EU’s nature restoration law. The realisation of this law has undergone some important developments in the past weeks, that we would like to share with you. We want to take this update on the latest developments as an opportunity to give you a rundown of the most important points, developments, and challenges of the law and explain why it is crucial to us. So, let’s start in order.

Rewilding Glossary

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Dive into the lexicon of ecological restoration and conservation with our rewilding glossary. From apex predators to trophic cascades, this glossary provides a concise guide to all the essential vocabulary you need to discuss rewilding.

The problem with EUCALYPTUS in Portugal

A young woman in front of a green landscape. Next to her pasted words under the headline "Negative Effect of Eucalyptus".

Driven by economic interests, eucalyptus plantations have expanded extensively, with awareness slowly catching up regarding the strain they impose on native environments.

In an effort to shed light on the adverse effects of eucalyptus and promote the search for sustainable alternatives, we’ve crafted a video covering everything you need to know about the impact of eucalyptus here in Europe.

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